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With so many top London attractions to tick off, your city sightseeing checklist could get very long indeed. So where do you start? Whether you live and work in the capital or you’re just visiting for the day, let us be your guide with our round-up of the London attractions that simply cannot be missed. Check out our list of 101 things to do in London for more inspiration and go explore the best that the city has to offer.

Check out the best places to visit when in London for the first time:

  • London Zoo.If you’re looking for places to visit in London with your family London Zoo is one of the most popular attractions for a day out with the kids. With over 12,000 wild animals – gorillas, tigers and meerkats to name a few – London Zoo is the world’s oldest historic zoo and is dedicated to preserving all manner of wildlife and species. There are a range of exhibits from Into Africa and Butterfly Paradise where you can discover some of the world’s most unusual animals – the kids will love it!
  • Chelsea Physic Garden.Often cited as one of a few ‘secret’ London gardens, the Chelsea Physic Garden was founded in 1673 and is still committed to research into the properties, origins and conservation of over 5000 species.
  • Chislehurst Caves. One of the greatest things about London is that for visitors it is full of fascinating surprises – like the caves in Chislehurst, England with over 20 miles of dark and mysterious passageways hewn by end from the chalk.
  • Shakespeare’sGlobe Theatre. This is another must-see on your trip to London to discover the works and life of the famous Bard. Join in on a tour of this reconstructed Elizabethan open-air playhouse and go backstage to see what goes into making a Shakespearean play.
  • Kew Gardens.As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these magnificent London gardens, glasshouses and galleries are a living exhibit as well as an important historical legacy.
  • ArcelorMittal Orbit. The Orbit is the newest addition to London’s iconic skyline and is one of the city’s most eagerly awaited attractions; so if you’re not afraid of heights, the ‘Orbit’ is a definite must-see.
  • Buckingham Palace.Buckingham Palace was built in 1837 and has been the London residence of the Royal Family since Queen Victoria’s accession. If you’re wondering whether the Queen is in, look at the flagpole atop the building: if the royal standard is flying day and night, she’s at home. On special state occasions, she and members of the Royal Family may even emerge on the central balcony.

  • Hamptom Court. Another great Thames-side attraction, Hampton Court is one of Europe’s most famous palaces. Its Great Hall dates from Henry VIII’s time. Other interesting features include the Clock Court with its fascinating astronomical clock dating from 1540, the State Apartments with their Haunted Gallery, the Chapel, the King’s Apartments and the Tudor tennis court.

There’s a lot that London can offer especially for those who are visiting London for the first time. Don’t miss out on these elegant and Instagram-worthy places that will give you a taste of the London way of life.