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Thriving, acclaimed and damn-tasty, the London restaurant scene is internationally renowned and promises a hefty selection of gastronomy. Offering anything from Michelin star spots to quirky pop-up restaurants, gourmet burger joints to experimental dining; the restaurants in London really do cater for everyone (and everything). So whether you’re looking for a restaurant in London for your birthday, a unique place to eat, or quite simply, London’s best restaurants; discover the cream of the crop right here.

Check out the top places to eat in downtown London:

  • Brawn. Restaurateurs Barker and Wilson have spent the last decade growing a small collection of French-inspired, natural-wine-focused gastro bars—from their debut, Terroirs, near Charing Cross, to the more sophisticated Soif, in Battersea. But the duo hit a high mark in 2010, taking over a corner storefront on Columbia Road in Bethnal Green, where London’s busiest flower market pops up every Sunday. They called the place Brawn, which pretty much summed up the vibe.The menu theme, such as there is one, is what the French call campagnard cuisine: robustly flavored peasant food, including housemade terrines and charcuterie, fluffy gougeres, a braised oxtail with celeriac and turnip, and, not least, a thyme-flecked white-onion soup with molten gruyère. All of this is paired with a funky list of natural or bio-dynamic wines. The room is at once relaxed and refined, a mix of wabi-sabi décor, mismatched furniture, and expensive cutlery and stemware. Best time to come? Sunday lunch, so you can take in the flower market—where vendors hawk their blooms with Cockney rhyming slang—then snag a window table at Brawn to linger for the afternoon over plenty of wine and nap-inducing food.
  • Bleecker Burger.You search for the best burger in London can stop now. Bleecker Burger is our favorite. The burgers here are ridiculously simple, and also ridiculously good. We love the double cheeseburger, or try the Bleecker Black, which has a slice of black pudding thrown on if you want to get really British about it. They also have a few milkshakes, cold craft beers in the fridge, and a couple of counters where you can sit.
  • Maltby Street Market.Away from the crowds at Borough, this is where actual London locals come to hang out and eat their weight in scotch eggs and soup dumplings. And unlike Borough, which has a monopoly on produce and lost tourists, almost all of Maltby Street Market is focused on street food and hanging out. Walk from one end to the other and eat everything, but if it’s there, the steak and chips and scotch eggs are can’t miss items.
  • Hoppers combines the casual Soho experience (no bookings, anything-goes vibe) with some of the best curry you can eat in London. The cuisine focuses on the Sri Lankan ‘hopper’ (a flaky, crispy bowl-shaped pancake) that’s perfect for eating with an assortment of chutneys and spicy curries. The black pork curry is the one to get, and the devilled shrimp dish is incredibly good as well. The waits can be long, but they’re definitely worth it.

There’s so much going on in London especially when it comes to the food scene. There are lots of foodie spots to check out, so put those above on your priority list.